Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Here Goes Nothing!

Ever since I was a little girl writing had always been something I loved to do. I would have journals and notebooks filled with stories I would always be working on. I found that writing had been the perfect way to escape from life for a little while. Whenever something had happened in my life that I wasn't able to face, I found that I could embrace it in my writing.

In my third semester of college I took a creative writing class where my love for writing was heightened. We were pushed to think outside the box and write all different types of papers including poems, short stories and even a sentence with exactly 100 words.

I have always wanted a place to share my work and some of my favorite writings and poems from other authors...I feel that this is the perfect place to start. Here goes nothing!

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  1. And I look forward to reading every single one of them!