Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Excerpt From a Book That Remains Unwritten #5

Everything was happening so quickly, one thing after another.

Everyone was always checking in and helping and being supportive but now that everything's settling down I feel so lonely sometimes.

I was so busy and wrapped up in everything that I forgot how to live, I lost myself.

Now, I'm trying to learn how to be all of those things for myself again.

I'm trying to remind myself that I deserve all of those things again.

Excerpt From a Book That Remains Unwritten #4

I feel like it wasn't my choice.
I didn't have the chance to realize that maybe I should grow up and change.
I had to in order to adapt to the world I had been thrown into.
I feel like I'm learning now, after everything that I am already grown up.

It happened when I was trying to deal with everything else.

Monday, February 6, 2017

100 Things That Make Me Happy

It's so easy to get down when it feels like everything around you is crumbling. During these times I like to list everything that makes me happy. Almost as a reminder of all of the great things I have in my life! Here's 100 things that currently make me happy

1. Caramel Macchiatos
2. Being tagged in funny memes
3. Saying/ doing something that makes other people laugh
4. Talking to friends on a daily basis
5. Spending time with Cam
6. Making my parents proud
7. Cookies and Cream ice cream
8. When people come to me with things going on in their lives
9. Lyrics I can relate to
10. Barefoot white moscato
11. Laughing so hard no sound comes out
12. When the guy gets the girl
13. A genuine smile from a stranger
14. Random acts of kindness
15. Pennies from heaven
16. Reminiscing on those who have passed on
17. When other people relate to my writing
18. Mason & Travis
19. Learning about new things
20. Getting good grades
21. Corgis and their butts (look it up)
22. Hershey's with almonds
23. Looking at old pictures
24. Taking new pictures
25. Taking risks
26. Shopping
27. Wearing a nice outfit
28. My new bag
29. Sleepovers
30. Rainy days
31. My rain boots
32. Walking in puddles with rain boots on
33. Making my brother laugh (a rarity)
34. Going on adventures
35. Music videos
36. Concerts
37. Harold (my car)
38. Reminiscing
39. Making lists
40. Posting on my blog
41. Driving with the windows down and blasting music
42. The beach
43. Long days that last all night
44. Waking up next to someone (or a dog)
45. Random encounters with puppies
46. Answering a question right in class
47. Having an opinion
48. Living on my own
49. Knowing I always have a place to go home to
50. Opportunity
51. Thinking about when Karly face planted on our way home
52. When Emily came home to surprise me
53. Thinking about how many people I have supporting me
54. When people like the same music as me
55. When people hold the door open
56. Going to NYIT
57. Sunrises/sunsets
58. Looking up at the stars
59. Landscapes
60. Paths
61. Shadows
62. Proposal videos/Stories
63. Babies laughter
64. Nicknames
65. Biology
66. Thinking about the future
67. Rom-Coms
68. Getting to the subway right on time
69. Extensions on assignments
70. Algebra
71. Snap chat filters
72. Comics
73. Sushi
74. Sleeping in
75. Being invited places
76. Epiphanies
77. Seeing/making other people happy
78. Anything blue raspberry flavored
79. Netflix
80. Shows that make me laugh
81. Puns (science ones specifically)
82. John Krasinski
83. Scenarios that make you think "small world"
84. Darkness
85. Falling asleep
86. Waking up and realizing you still have time to sleep
87. Getting good news from doctors
88. Helping others
89. Puzzles
90. Blankets
91. Going to sleep in socks and waking up without them
92. Showering with music blasting
93. Singing in the shower
94. Griffin's reaction after I've been gone for a few weeks
95. Hugs
96. Cooking with people
97. Satire
98. Knowing words to songs that my brother listens to
99. When people use the right forms of words
100. Looking up at the sky and realizing how small I am