Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Words I Wish You Could Hear

All he knew were facts.
My favorite ice cream flavor, my love for dogs, my fear of butterflies. 
What he failed to learn were the things I wanted him to fight to get to know. 
The way a single sentence could turn my day upside down. 
How I felt like the luckiest girl just to be in his presence. 
The ambitions I had to change the world.
The way I found it so beautiful that people always leave little pieces of themselves wherever they go. 
These are the things he had failed to see. 
These are the things I keep protected and hidden away in fear that when I share them with someone they will take them from me. 
Not in the literal sense but in the sense that they will no longer be mine.
If only he had tried to break down my walls the way I had struggled with his on a daily basis.
Feeling unworthy of learning what he had hidden inside, I wonder why he thought he had seen all of me...known all of me. 

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